1940s Virden green ceiling light. Ideal for kitchen.


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I’m very pleased to offer this utterly delightful 1940s kitchen-type fixture by the famous Virden Company!

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As you can see in the second image (from a 1940s Virden catalog), the fixture is wonderfully original – it even retains its highly distinctive jadite color paint!

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For a small fixture (it is 10-inches wide) the fixture has a lot of aesthetic power, and is fully loaded with interesting details:

  • The jadite color of course! Not only is the upper part of the metal shade jadite, but so is the inside of the flared component under the glass shade.
  • The glass shade has a highly textured bubble design! I love it! This throws fabulous patterns on the metal shade.
  • Above the glass shade is a brass ring pierced with stars (!), and with a red plastic lining behind. Nice!
  • The also love the scalloped edge of the metal shade.
  • Note the nice curly flourish above the metal shade, too, and the oversize brass ring the chain attaches to.

The fixture is ideal for the center of a kitchen, over the sink, or dinette table.

Because this is a kitchen fixture, I did not use new cloth covered wiring as I normally would (grease would stick to the cloth) but modern clear plastic wiring.

Wholly restored and with a new socket and wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • The fixture accepts one standard base 75W bulb.
  • The brass has been polished. It has not been lacquered.

COLOR: Jadite and brass.

SIZE: The fixture hangs down about 17-inches and is 10-inches wide. I can remove about 3-inches of chain. I can add chain.


  • I love writing this: there are no chips, cracks, dents, or corrosion.
  • The porcelain socket and wiring are new.
  • The jadite paint is, as stated, original. It is not mint but looks very good for its age. It is such a great period color that I was loath to repaint it (you cannot get spray paint in that color). There are small bit of loss, age spotting, and minute bits of white paint on the very top of the metal shade (which cannot be seen easily).
  • The underside of the metal shade is white paint. There are small bits of loss, and a general pattern of age spotting. I could have repainted this side but was worried that I might get white paint on the jadite surface.
  • As can be seen in the images, the above issues are not readily obvious.

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