1940s low fixture by Porcelier. Dorothy Draper-like. MORE AVAILABLE


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I’m very pleased to offer this astonishing and exceedingly rare late 1940s ceiling fixture by the famous Porcelier Company!

For many decades, Porcelier made some of the finest lighting fixtures and house wares (they closed in the 1950s).

There’s a book on their work:
Collector’s Guide to Porcelier China
By Susan E. Grindberg

This fixture, as mentioned, is very rare. I’ve never offered it before; I’ve never even seen it before. Amazingly, I have one more (see below). Both came from the same house.

Porcelier became celebrated for their porcelain fixtures which almost always used very elaborate floral decals as a feature. In the few years before Porcelier closed (1954), they worked to establish a new look, and this fixture is just such an example. The shade has deliciously oversized, Dorothy Draper-like leaves, which are matched in miniature with porcelain leaves in the ceiling canopy! Wow. Wow!

Of Dorothy Draper:

“Donald Albrecht, the curator of architecture and design at the Museum of the City of New York, who is curating the show, sees Draper’s influence everywhere from Frank Gehry’s architectural forms to Philippe Starck’s Ghost chair. “Taking an eighteenth-century chair normally done in wood and making it in clear plastic is a Dorothy Draper kind of thing,” he says. “And she is a fascinating person. All of her tips must have been really great for housewives in the fifties. To have this woman telling them, ‘Don’t be afraid! Paint the door green!’ ”

As if that all wasn’t incredible enough, please don’t miss the finial! It’s like a tornado in glass. Zounds! I love it! Each was hand-blown and as such no two are exactly alike. Yum.

As can be confirmed by the second image (from a rare Porcelier catalog), all the parts are original to each other.

The fixture is but 7-inches high, although the shade is a whopping 16-wide. The fixture was intended for living/dining rooms, or larger bedrooms.

The shade has dusty rose leaves, white, and frosted white. The porcelain canopy is off-white porcelain.

The fixture accepts three 100W bulbs – so, beautiful and brilliant!

You know, it don’t get much better.


I have one more! So if you need a matching pair just type 2 at check-out.

For a long time I’ve had a dream. One day (cue dramatic music) a buyer will contact me. They, too, love love love Porcelier, and wonder if their whole house could be filled with nothing but Porcelier fixtures. I gasp! And reply: Why yes! Please just click here: PORCELIER

Wholly restored and with new sockets and wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!



  • The fixture accepts three standard base 60W bulbs.
  • The brass has been polished. It has not been lacquered.


  • The shade has dusty rose leaves, white, and frosted white.
  • The porcelain canopy is off-white porcelain.

SIZE: The fixture is but 7-inches high, although the shade is a whopping 16-wide.


  • The only issue is minor. The glass finial has a small manufacturing irregularity to one side. It looks like a small chip. However, the irregularity cannot be seen with the fixture eight or more feet in the air. You would need to be on a ladder to see it (it’s on the upper part of the finial).
  • The porcelain sockets and wiring are new.
  • There’s a small brass disk just above the finial. This replaces the original which was brass over steel, and had corroded. The new all brass disk is identical in size/shape. It will not corrode.

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