1930s (?) Colonial-Revival sconces. SIX


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I’m very pleased to offer this rare opportunity:
SIX matching Colonial-Revival-style brass sconces by Franklin!

I’m uncertain as to when the sconces were made. They had cloth-covered wiring, so they are at least pre-1960. They could be 1920s. Or anywhere in between. The style is a classic so they are hard to date, although if I were to guess I would say late 1930s (there’s a subtle Moderne feeling to the area just under the round part of the back plate).

The fixtures are brass. The backs are cast brass, with tube arms, and socket cups of stamped brass. The brass has a subtle patina, and with some irregularity (I rather like that). I only gently polished with 0000 steel wool. I did not use Brasso. The sconces will develop more patina in time.

The sconces will easily accept a small silk or cardboard shade.

The back plate is a 3-7/8-inches wide circle. Before you fall in love with this set make sure they will cover your electrical box.

The sconces are ideal for any room.

Wholly restored and with new wiring, this set is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • Sadly, the period-correct, hand-painted bulbs are not included. Happily, I will let you know where to get them.
  • The fixtures accept standard base 60W bulbs.
  • Each sconce has an on/off switch. As I don’t trust old switches I deactivated these. If this feature is important please contact me.
  • The mounting buttons are replacements.


  • Brass with some patina.


  • The sconces are 13-inches high. The back-plate, as noted, are 3-7/8-inches wide. They project 5-inches.


  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The sockets are original (and in fine shape) with new wiring and paper insulators.
  • The candle covers are new.

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