1950s Duplexalite. Rare late version


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I’m very pleased to offer this rare circa-1950s Duplexalite!

But what, you may ask, is a Duplexalite?

The Miller Company created a fixture they dubbed Duplexalite. I sell a number of these wonderful fixtures each year. There is a wide variety in terms of colors, patterns, and details, but each Duplexalite comprises a single 300W socket, a glass bottom shade, and a large metal shade above. The fixtures throw a lot of light UP, and thus a highly diffused, flattering light quality is the result. You can even find Duplexalites in the White House!

However, this Duplexalite is really rare. I have never before offered one so simple, and believe the fixture to be a last generation and dating from circa-1950. Well, I just had to have it!

A hidden ring holds the glass bottom shade. The larger metal shade simply sits on the ring.

As mentioned, the fixture accepts a whopping 300W bulb (Mogul base).

The metal shade retains its original painted finish, and this is a pale beige. The metal components have a slightly coppery finish (also original). The heat from the bulb burned off this finish on the socket housing. It seemed foolish to refinish it, so I simply polished the brass. This will patina down.

The fixture is now 37-inches long (and 16-wide). I cannot make it longer. I might be able to reduce the length of the stem; please contact me if this would be necessary.

The fixture has a swivel joint on the upper stem, so if you bonk the glass shade, the fixture will simply move rather than the glass breaking. It is hoped!

I know that most people will simply think this is an attractive old light. But, to me, this is a really cool old light.

Wholly restored and with new wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts one Mogul-base 300W bulb (not included).

COLOR: See above.

SIZE: See above.


  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The porcelain socket is original with new wiring.
  • The finish on the metal shade looks very good. There are some subtle scratches, small bits of loss, and a very subtle tonal irregularity. I retouched the very upper edge.
  • I repainted the white inside of the metal shade.
  • As stated above, the finish on the metal components is original. This has subtle, small age spots, subtle scratches, and some tonal irregularity.

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