1913 Brascolites. Ideal for Kitchen PAIR


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I’m very pleased to offer a PAIR of 1913 BRASCOLITE ceiling fixtures by the Luminous Unit Company of St. Louis!
(I love saying Luminous Unit Company. I think I’m going to start a band with that name.)

This listing is for TWO matching fixtures.

Brascolite ceiling fixtures were very popular from the 1910s all through to WWII. They were normally used in commercial settings as they offered a lot of light.

Today, such fixtures are valued for residential use, and are ideal for a kitchen. These fixtures each accept a 300W bulb. Most of this light bounces off the white surface, and the very thick glass shade diffuses the brilliance. So, the lighting, while bright, is not harsh.

The shade has lovely classical details. The shade has a hole in the bottom, and this was intended for dead bugs to fall through, as opposed to collecting in the bottom of the shade. No kidding!

The ceiling mounts are 15-1/2-inches wide. The shades are 8-wide. The fixtures are 11-inches high.

If you’ve been looking for a unique – and very cool – pair of light fixture, then this Brascolite set might be ideal.

Wholly restored and with new wiring, this pair is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • Each fixture accepts one standard base 300W bulb.
  • The ceiling mounts have six screws on the sides (see images). Brascolite’s came in a wide variety of versions and with numerous options available, and one could order the fixtures shown here but with elaborate stamped brass mounts, which could be mounted where the six screws are.

COLOR: White. Browny gold.
SIZE: See above.

  • The porcelain sockets are original with new wiring.
  • The finish on the ceiling mounts is new and replicates the original.

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