1950s kitchen light with vegetables. Never used


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I’m very pleased to offer this never-used, still in the original box, circa-1950 kitchen light with vegetables!


Yes, this fixture has never been used and in still in its original box. I think I know why though. There is a small crack in the shade. You can see it in the images (upper right side, about 2/3 up the celery spear). The crack is not readily obvious, and I suspect that it occurred at the factory, and is likely a manufacturing flaw. I imagine that the light was taken home by a factory worker (a common practice with not-quite-perfect lights), put on a shelf in his/her garage or basement, and it just sat there for many, many decades until I found it. Interestingly, without the crack, the light would not be in the mint condition it is in. And, again, the crack is not readily obvious.


The shade is frankly fabulous. It features vivid red vegetables! I love it. There are celery spears, onions, peppers, and peas. Oh my!

The ceiling fitter has a wonderful scalloped edge.

The fixture and box are stamped Harmony House. This was the house label for Sears. The company did not manufacture lights, but purchased them from many suppliers and put their label on them.

The fixture has a 2-bulb socket cluster, accepting a pair of 60W bulbs.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts two standard base 60W bulbs.

COLOR: White shade with red vegetables. White canopy. Brass mounts.

SIZE: See above. The fixture hangs down 5-1/2-inches and is 12-inches wide.


  • Except for a small crack (detailed above), the fixture is in new, unused condition.
  • The sockets and wiring are original (and in fine shape).

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