1920s lights. EIGHTEEN! A houseful of matching fixtures


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I am pleased to offer an extraordinary opportunity: A HOUSEFUL OF 1920s STRAP-STYLE FIXTURES:

  • THREE 5-bulb candle-style chandeliers!
  • TWO 5-bulb down-bulb chandeliers!
  • ONE 4-bulb down-bulb chandelier! (Not pictured. It looks just like the 5-bulb except with one less arm.
  • FOUR 5-bulb down-bulb surface-mounted fixtures!
  • TWO 2-arm sconces!
  • SIX 1-arm sconces!

EIGHTEEN fixtures total! Wow! Wow!

These fixtures are called strap-style because they comprise flat metal bars, like belt straps, which are wonderfully curvaceous. I love looking at the fixtures! The style was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and used in a variety of home styles including bungalows, Arts & Crafts, Spanish-Revival, Colonial-Revival, and Four-squares.

The set is not restored yet. This will take eight to twelve weeks after payment is received. The green finish will take longer. It may be possible to speed that up; let me know if you are in a hurry.

These fixtures were offered in several color combinations. The first fixture shown retains its original mossy green finish. I can restore the entire set to this. However, this finish is VERY time-consuming and will be an extra 10%. Another color scheme was a deep burnished gold with subtle accents of jade and red. I can do this, too, and at no extra charge. Just let me know!

Say you don’t need eighteen fixtures. Just send me an email detailing your needs. Or perhaps you simply need one ceiling fixture and a pair of sconces? Again, just let me know. I also have in storage additional fixtures.

The chandeliers can be any length, but not less than 25-inches. The surface-mounted fixtures are 16-inches high.



  • Sadly, the period-correct, hand-painted bulbs are not included. Happily, I will let you know where to get them.
  • The fixtures accept standard base 60W bulbs.
  • Each sconce has an on/off switch. As I don’t trust old switches I will deactivate these. If this feature is important please contact me.

COLOR: See above.


  • See above. As well, the candle chandeliers are 16-inches wide. All the other ceiling fixture are 18-inches wide.
  • The 2-arm sconces are 11-inches high and 7-1/2-inches wide. The 1-arm sconces are the same height, and 4-1/2-inches wide.


  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • I believe I can retain most of the original sockets. They will of course have new paper insulators.
  • The candle covers will be new.
  • All the wiring will be new, and cloth-covered like the original.
  • Only the first fixture shown retains its original polychrome. All the other fixtures will receive a new finish.

SHIPPING: Insured shipping in the Continental US will be…FREE!