1950s Mid-Century Colonial-style chandelier. Never used.


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I’m very pleased to offer this never used 1950s Colonial-Revival 5-arm chandelier!

Yep, this fixture was never installed. Incredible. It was still wrapped in its original packing paper, and the cloth wiring was never woven up through the long chain. Wow!

The metal parts are brass, and this retains its protective coat of lacquer.

The delicate and lovely shades feature grape clusters.

The center is a dazzling pineapple-influenced piece of glass. Wow.

We think of the 1950s as being terribly modern – like every home had a Sputnik fixture and a boomerang-shaped coffee table. But most homes, then and now, were traditional in style, and Colonial-Revival fixtures such as this were careful to step a fine line between tradition and modernity. It’s a combination which I find attractive.

A chandelier like this would have been used over, say, a blond Heywood-Wakefield dining set.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


DETAILS: The fixture accepts standard base 60W bulbs.
COLOR: Brass. Frosted white shades.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down 36-inches and is 18-inches wide. I can remove up to 21-1/2-inches of chain.

  • The fixture, never used, is near mint. There are several small age spots to the brass (where air has gotten under the lacquer finish), and two of the brass socket cups are cracked (see second-to-last image). This is not readily obvious (it is hard to discern the cracks from reflections in the shiny brass).
  • The shades are undamaged.
  • The Bakelite sockets are original (and in fine shape).
  • The wiring is also original. It is cloth covered, quite attractive, and is near mint. It is not brittle or frayed. I saw no reason to replace it.

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