1930s extraordinary Silver Blue Duplexalite!


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I’m pleased to offer this extraordinary silver Duplexalite!

But what, you may ask, is a Duplexalite?

The Duplexalite Company had a standard model (from top to bottom):

  • Ceiling canopy.
  • Chain.
  • Socket housing.
  • Three thin arms that hold a metal shade and a glass shade.
  • Large metal shade.
  • Bottom glass shade. This shade hangs below the metal shade about an inch. This allows light from the large bulb to be refracted up to the outside of the big metal shade – making it glow magically. The effect at night is truly stunning.

So, these 6 components comprise a Duplexalite and, while the components don’t change, the design does for respective models. Duplexalite’s were popular from the 1920s through the 1940s and were (and still are) even in the White House.

This Duplexalite is silver-plated and with cobalt blue accents. The silver has aged and is not BRIGHT silver but something rather more subtle. There are age spots and subtle wear, allowing the underlying brass to peak through (see images). Quite lovely.

The metal shade has gorgeous embossed patterns.

The scale of the fixture (the shade is 14-inches wide) makes it ideal for a small dining room or bedroom.

The bottom shade is slag glass! This has a remarkable 6-arm metal “brooch” with a striking finial. Wow.

Also note that the fixture retains all its original components, including the finial, chain, and ceiling canopy.

I wish to stress the quality of lighting that is common to all Duplexalite’s. Because most of the light is thrown towards the ceiling, a flattering, diffused light results. With a dimmer, the light intensity can be easily controlled.

The new wiring is cloth-covered like the original.

This stunning Duplexalite has been restored, rewired, and is ready to hang!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts one standard base 200W long-neck bulb. Not included. I suggest a dimmer as well.
COLOR: See above.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down 30-inches, overall. I can add chain or remove 5-1/4-inches of chain.
The shade is 14-inches wide.

  • I love writing this: the fixture is undamaged.
  • As mentioned, the silver plate shows its age. This is not unattractive.
  • The heavy-duty porcelain socket is original. The wiring is new, cloth covered, and lovely.

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